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Eugenio Picozza


Via di S. Basilio 61
00187 Roma


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Professor Eugenio Picozza, solicitor, founded his law firm in 1986, specializing in all areas of administrative law including community administrative law. The firm’s court practice is mainly handled in the regional administrative courts (TAR), the Council of State, Supreme Court, Water Board appellate tribunal, National Audit Office and the Constitutional/Administrative Court. Parallel to this, the firm undertakes extra judicial activity for assistance and consultancy in all practice areas. The firm carries out and/or participates in performing professional, integrated services which include: due diligence, project finance, bankruptcy procedures, and provides advice to top multi-national bodies. These services encompass the law concerning intervening in projects concerning environmental energy (wind farms), both town planning and building law. The firm covers arbitration and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) proceedings. The firm organizes, on its own or with appropriate boards and associations, conventions, seminars and personal training courses.